Terms & Conditions

Conditions and Information: The conditions stated below are based on any contract between you and Platinum Pro Golf Tours (PPGT).

Deposits and Tour Payments: To confirm your selected tour or booking, a minimum, non-refundable 50% deposit of the total tour cost must be obtained per person or otherwise stated in your drafted itinerary. Bookings are only taken subject to accommodations and golf availability. The total Payment of outstanding balances of the tour will be confirmed and must be paid by due date.

Travel Protection Plan: PPGT strongly advises adequate insurance is organized for your own protection and safety that is associated with accidents, injury, cancellations and personal belonging protection to ensure all areas are fully covered. PPGT will not be liable for any loss, theft, damage, illness, injury or accidents or cancellations. Insurance is recommended to cover the above mentioned.

Air Travel: Airline tickets purchased independently or those organized by PPGT are covered by outside agencies and have no cover, costs or cancellation in any part associated with PPGT. Many of these outside agency connections may incur a cost or cancellation charge notified by that organization.

Documentation: Any visas or entry permits purchased independently or organized by PPGT must accompany documentation required to be fully valid and legal to obtain the relevant information and it is the person’s responsibility to make sure this is issued.

Golf Handicaps and Membership Information: Certain golf clubs require visitors to show or prove handicaps or membership conformation although this is not common but PPGT recommends you travel with such documentation in case of access denied on any particular venue arranged by PPGT. While this is not particularly common we strongly recommend you travel with a handicap card, and accept no responsibility if you do not, and are subsequently denied golf. PPGT accepts no responsibility for any course maintenance, playing conditions and courses affected by weather, individual damage or accident by any party.

Responsibility: PPGT acts as a tour operator and Professional service and is not liable or accepts no responsibility for any injury, loss, damage, accident, cancellation, change or inconvenient associated with the said independent party/s provided by PPGT. Major disruptions caused by any outside agencies not associated within a particular venue, transportation service, golf course, accommodation or facility organized is not the responsibility of PPGT.

Any service associated or provided on behalf of PPGT cancels or does not deliver to the stated itinerary is not the responsibility of PPGT, although PPGT will take whatever action PPGT recommends to gain a refund or satisfied value of the independents agreed acceptance relating to the provided cost of any tour or services outlined by PPGT.

PPGT is not liable or responsible for any personal belongings loss, damage, and injury, accident on any vehicle associated with the tour or at any venue on any day for the duration of the tour.